Monday, February 2, 2009


"Democracy is not an option!"

Fallout 1 and 2 are probably my favorite computer games of all time. Fallout 3 came out recently, and it's pretty good too. Lots of morbid humor and cool 1950's science fiction blown up all over the place. It makes you wonder things about yourself.. like "In the event of a nuclear apocalypse, which tribal/punk haircut fits me best? It has to be stylish, but also insinuate that I'm probably a cannibal." Also, "Do I really have enough biker/fetish gear to last me until civilization is rebuilt? Really?" I've been wanting to do a fallout themed painting to take with me to gencon in august... I guess this is me starting to think about that painting. Enjoy.


  1. I had similar feelings the first time I watched the Road Warrior. I thought, "so if there is a gas shortage, which sporting supplies would look best sewn to my jacket?"

  2. Gencon, eh? You're about as dorky as me! And no, you can never have enough biker/fetish gear in the event of a post-apocalyptic earth. re: Repo, the genetic opera.